North Texas Indie Game Developer Collective

DSOP Arcade Jam 2016

When - Now until June 13th.
Games need to be submitted to our email by that Monday of June 13th so we can load them onto the arcade machine.

Overall Theme - Make an arcade game for our machine!

However, to make things interesting, the organizers added a list of diversifies.

If a team or contestant picks TWO (or more!) these, please fill out this form so we know.
We want to give out prizes at the Let's Play Expo, hopefully during the panel itself. =)

Let's Play Expo - Arcade Jam 2016 Diversifiers
  • Can I Try?: Any spectator of the game automatically becomes a player as well.
  • Pets. Fantastical, alien, or just plain weird.
  • One player uses more than one control panel to play
  • 4 player co-op
  • Persistent scoreboard
  • Same game play with one player or 4
  • Nobi Nobi Boy - every game played adds up to a common score
  • What's Yours Is Mine - Players must use controls other than the ones they started with, either by rotating to a different control set or reaching across the control deck.
  • Everything Is Round - No corners or flat areas. Everything is curvy.
  • Twister - players must use different sets of controls at once