North Texas Indie Game Developer Collective

About Society Of Play

Who we are:
A friendly collective of independent game developers sharing ideas, resources and support to other developers. We are comprised of all skill levels and are excited to meet others no matter where they are.

What we do:
Our active Slack channel provides dev help, resources, and plenty of opinions which is valuable feedback during a game's creation. Our free monthly meetings gives an opportunity for you to present your finished games, works in progress, game jam projects or proof of gameplay.

Who belongs here:
If you are interested in making games, learning about making games or watching others during the creation of games then you probably belong here. It can't hurt to come to a meeting and see if it's something you're into!

Interested in professional game development:
Professional studios and teams have found DSoP to be a valuable resource in finding local talent to help complete their vision. During the Show and Play nights these teams will present their games and get valuable feedback and ideas from fellow game developers and players. Being a part of DSoP with your professional studio is a huge advantage on your path to success.

Students and newcomers:
If you’re new to game development and ready to jump in, DSoP has plenty of members just like you! You will feel welcomed by the range of skills and member’s willingness to help. Seriously, this is the place to learn and grow - and start making your own games! A special night called ‘MicroTalks” gives other creators a chance to share their experience on a topic they’re very familiar with. Ranging from programming shaders, creating 8-bit music to working with contracts.

Are you ready to learn more? Join us!