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Dredge up an unfinished/unmade idea or project and... REVIVE IT! This jam is all about finishing those old abandoned projects or finally making that one idea that you've been holding onto!

A 501(c) non-profit for game developers! A community for professionals, hobbyists, and students. We're for everyone everywhere, although we are based out of North Dallas TX. We host events for talks, postmortems, tutorials, workshops, game-jams, and mini-conventions. Join us to chill out, network, grow as a developer, hunt for talent, get some technical help, or just share what you're working on! Come to an event, join our Discord, or follow us on social media!

What Society of Play is about

COMMUNITY: A network of creatives to talk about game development with, shoot the breeze with, and fall-back on when the goin' gets rough.

INSPIRATION: A space to get inspired, get eyes on your project, and pursue self-improvement.

REPRESENTATION: To keep an ear to the ground and ensure that we represent the needs of our community. If you know of a community need that we could provide, let us know!

A dev group for everyone

For anyone at any experience level! Indie-developer? Full-time AAA dev? Student? Just considering game dev? We're for everyone.

A community for people from all walks of life. You can read our code-of-conduct if you want to know a bit about the standards we enforce. We are dedicated to creating a safe space for people to be themselves. If there's anything we can do to make Society of Play more inclusive, please let us know.

Our touring cabinet

We have an arcade cabinet that we bring to events, festivals, art openings, conventions, etc. It's filled with games made by indie-developers from the Society of Play.

No one will ever make money off of this arcade and it costs you nothing to participate. It is purely a labor of love to get more people talking about indie games in North Texas. This is about exposure for you, your game, and the love of gaming and game development. Learn how to use the controls and how to put it on the arcade cab here!